Dry brushing what, why and how?

Dry brushing what, why and how?

Have you ever heard of dry brushing? It’s an old school, yet effective beauty hack.  I started doing it in my teens. Back then I had a meticulous and very time consuming skin care routine, which involved a 15 min dry brushing routine (amongst other things.) Nowadays I don’t have that kind of time, however I still try to do a few minutes dry brushing a couple of times per week.

What is dry brushing anyway?

It’s simple – you use one of the long wooden brushes you usually find in saunas. The brush should be firm, but not so firm it damages the skin. Use the brush to “brush” your entire body before you hit the shower. It’s best to do it in the morning, since the process really gets the blood flowing and you feel very energized afterwards.

Why is dry brushing good for you?

Firstly, as mentioned, it improves circulation and gets the lymphatic system going, which helps remove toxins from your body.  Dry brushing also works as a exfoliating body scrub, so it’s a great way to keep ALL your skin glowing, not only your face. As an extra bonus it helps to unclog pores, which can reduce breakouts.

Some claim that dry brushing reduces cellulites. I don’t know if this is true; I’ve seen no scientific studies to confirm it. Regardless, it’s worth a try right? If it works – great, if not then you still get amazing skin and a boost in circulation. So you have nothing to loose.

How do you dry brush?

Start with your feet; use the brush to stroke your feet, from the toes towards your heart. Continue the same motion on your legs and so on until you’ve “brushed” your entire body. Remember to always stroke towards your heart. When finished pop in the shower. If you really want to get your heart and circulation going alternate the water temperature between hot and cold. After that you will definitely be awake. (Check out this post if you want to understand why)

Dry brushing does remove dead skin cells to remember to clean your brush on a weekly basis. I wash mine with shampoo and then let it dry completely.

Happy dry brushing!