Long baths and home SPA

Long baths and home SPA

I love baths; I take one every morning. It’s my reward after getting the kids dressed, fed and off to school. Many wonder how I have time for morning baths. Well, since I work from home I’ve replaced the morning commute with morning baths. This is the time when I reset from “mom-mode” to “work-mode”. If I don’t daily home spa my entire day will be off balance.

Once I read a (German) book about baths and how it affects you.

I take long hot baths, which according to the German book should be avoided. The ideal bath should be around 20 Celsius (65 Fahrenheit), which will get your heart going and strengthen your immune system.

20 (65) degrees is cold.

However, I read another study (from the UK) that claimed that hot baths have the same effect on your body as moderate exercise & it lowers your blood sugar.

The conclusion has to be that baths are good, regardless of temperature, right?

The German book (which I forgot the title of) also talked about essential oils and how you should adjust the scents according to season. In the summer you should use refreshing citrus scents, in the fall cederwood, patchouli & germanium. During winter warming scents like black pepper & clove are ideal and in spring you should switch to floral tones such as chamomile, lavender & rosemary.

I believe you can use whatever oils you want when you want. I usually go with a combination of lavender and rosemary.

The entire concept of a bath (or any type of home spa treatment) is more than just cleansing. It’s healing; it makes you feel good & smell nice. So treat yourself to some DIY spa. It could be a long shower, a 2 min face massage or an exfoliation. It doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s something that makes you feel nice and fits in to your daily routine. It will do you good, I promise.