Is your skin ready for the spring?

Is your skin ready for the spring?

Spring is just around the corner and everyone is buzzing about how to prepare your skin for the sunny season. Some claim you need a full day facial, followed by a 5-day detox & yoga retreat to get spring-ready.  But let’s get real, it won’t happen. My advice is to try a few simple things that will prepare your skin for the sun.

1. Toss the old – bring in the new

Have a look in your bathroom cupboard. Do you see the coral blush you bought 3 years ago?  The 3 different kinds of sunblock you purchased on your holiday last summer? Or the lavender colored nail polish you treated yourself with in April 2011? Toss them. They are old, deteriorated and bad for you.

Replace them with a good sunblock and protect your skin from the sun.

2. Exfoliate.

Exfoliate, not just your face, but your entire body (and feet!) If you don’t have time to pop in to your local spa or buy a luxurious body scrub, mix salt and olive oil (or any other oil in your kitchen) It works wonders.

3. Moisturise light

As the temperature rises your skin will naturally retain more moisture Hence, ease up on the face cream and go for a lighter version. Our formula “My Day” is a good alternative.
If you’ve got the time for a facial and detox go for it. But remember those are “nice -to-haves”. In real life, keep it simple.