What’s next?

I have never been very good at dealing with failures. I have been very good admitting them, an expert in beating myself up about them, but actually dealing with them – clueless.

Thankfully, you live and learn and I have improved my disaster management skills significantly. Nowadays when I make a mistake I think about Clair and Frank Underwood. If you have followed the Netflix blockbuster, House of Cards, you know that the couple is extremely target oriented. Every move they make is to get one step closer to world domination. Most times they succeed but every now and then they make mistakes. What is interesting is their reaction when they do. They get furious but eventually they put their emotions aside and ask “What’s next?”. Then they adapt their plan to the new circumstances and move on; never losing sight of the throne.

That is how you deal with failures. Because you will make mistakes, and the higher the goal the more mistakes you will make. When you do, acknowledge them, blow off steam, learn from them, let them go and finally ask yourself what’s next?